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A Certificate of Insurance is a document that verifies you have a valid business insurance policy, and it can be either a physical or electronic document. Often referred to as “Acord certificates,” these certificates are commonly requested by individuals or companies that you work with to ensure that they won’t be responsible for paying any large bills should something go wrong.
If you’re a Cadre Agents customer, obtaining a COI is easy. Simply log in to your account on our website or mobile app, and your Live Certificate will provide you with the proof of insurance you need instantly and for free. You can also easily share your Live Certificate with anyone you need by emailing it or sharing a link in a text message or social media post. You can even add Additional Insureds to your certificate at any time.
When customers want to protect their financial interests and ensure that your coverage limits would pay for potential damages, they may ask for proof of insurance before signing a work contract with you. By showing them your Certificate of Insurance, you can prove that you are serious about your business and are taking steps to protect yourself and your clients.
When searching for an insurance policy, it’s important to find one that offers instant, easily accessible proof of insurance. Waiting on hold to speak to an agent and requesting a paper form that takes two weeks to arrive is unacceptable, especially for contractors or freelance workers who need proof of insurance immediately accessible during business hours. Additionally, legacy insurance companies typically charge anywhere from $7 to $15 per certificate, which can add up quickly if you frequently send out contract bids. At Cadre Agents Insurance, our COIs are streamlined and free, and we don’t charge fees for Additional Insureds. We make it easy for you to obtain the insurance coverage you need without the hassle and fees of traditional insurance companies.
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